What Your Favourite Pizza Topping Says About You

What kind of topping are you in the mood for on your pizza tonight? We’re willing to bet that this last question has provoked quite a number of arguments and heated discussions among your friends and family! Many of us are very passionate about what sits on our crust – so much so that there are likely psychological connections between our personality and our favourite ingredients on our pizza. Read on to discover what your chosen pizza topping reveals about your character – brought to you by our pizza-loving team at Hugo’s.

Cheese & Tomato

Some call the Margherita boring or basic. We say you’re just someone who doesn’t give a hoot about what other people think and just goes for what they want! You know how to stand your ground during a debate and are a pretty straightforward person in general. No muss, no fuss – the basics are best, as far as you’re concerned.

Mushrooms & Veggies

You’re a nature lover with an appreciation for all things earthy and rustic. As a health-conscious individual, you like to keep your pizza topping as green as possible, with ingredients such as aubergines and fresh basil. As a person, you’re open and easy to talk to.


You feisty one, you! People who enjoy a generous topping of this spicy ingredient tend to walk on the wild side. Adventurous and daring, they’re always on the lookout for a new challenge and are never to be found waiting on the sidelines – they enjoy attention and being front and centre of the action. Pepperoni lovers are usually the life of the party and are hugely extroverted.

The Gourmet Lover

Creative and imaginative, you’re never afraid of trying out new things. Why choose something you’ve already eaten a hundred times when there are specials on the menu? Although you enjoy your comfort food as much as anybody else, you simply cannot resist a gourmet recipe when it’s on offer. People look to you for inspiration, and would describe you as someone that can easily liven up a social gathering or plan fun events that nobody else would ever think of.

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