To Spoon Or Not To Spoon: Our Tagliatelle Etiquette Guide

Have you ever tucked into a delicious bowl of tagliatelle, only to end up looking like a science experiment gone wrong? We can’t really blame you – as tasty as tagliatelle is, it’s not the easiest of all pasta types to eat! Our team have come to the rescue with a simple guide to eating tagliatelle like an Italian.

Don’t use a spoon!

Yep – we’re sure that this comes as a surprise to most of you; however, if you want to eat tagliatelle like a true Italian, then using a spoon is out of the question. Although there is technically nothing wrong in doing so, Italian chefs consider spoons to be utensils for children or guests with bad table manners! They’re placed at the table for tossing the pasta with cheese and sauce.

So what do I do instead?

Your fork is your best friend. Use it to gather a few strands of tagliatelle and separate them from the rest on your plate. To avoid any strands dangling from your mouth a la Cthulhu, twirl them carefully around your fork so you have a small, compact amount wrapped neatly around the prongs.

How exactly can I use my fork when eating tagliatelle?

A big no-no is plunging it right into the heart of the dish – remember, you’re trying to be a graceful, 21st century Italian, not a hungry Viking from 800AD. Besides, this makes the tagliatelle that much harder to eat, as you’ll only end up with an unruly, messy bundle on your fork that’s far to big to eat. Instead, use the twirling method described above, starting from the side of the plate.

Slurping is still off-limits, right?

Absolutely! Apart from this, try to avoid shovelling food into your mouth. Eating slowly and at a measured pace is not only polite; it also allows you to savour and cherish your food, showing respect to the person who prepared it.

Here at Hugo’s Pizza and Pasta, our kitchen maestros have concocted truly tempting tagliatelle dishes – you won’t be able to put your fork down for a second! Sample diners’ favourite, Tagliatelle alla Chef, served with truffles and fresh beef strips. Alternatively, treat yourself to a plate of Tagliatelle Scoglio – served with scrumptious seafood swimming in white wine and lemon zest. Remember that the above etiquette rules apply to most long pasta types, so why not treat yourself to some of our Pappardelle dishes too? And of course, wash your meal down with a bottle of wine.

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