The Psychology Of Pizza Eating

Think there’s nothing behind the way you choose to eat your favourite pizza? Think again. Your chosen method of chowing down on your favourite slice may actually reveal some hidden (or not so hidden) things about your personality. Our keenly observant team at Hugo’s break it down – read on to find out more!

1. The Folder

If you’re someone who likes to fold up their pizza slice and bite down on it like a taco, you’re a boss who likes to get things done. You’re great at multitasking and are one of those people in society who are considered to be “drivers” – a true force of nature!

2. The Cutlery Fan

Those who use a fork and knife to eat their pizza are thought of as “supporters” – kind and thoughtful people who always put their friends first by making sure everyone has enough to eat before starting on their own portion.

3. The Crust Lover

It’s not common to find people who go for the crust first – but they do exist! If you happen to fall into this rare category, congratulations – this unique habit means that you are a trendsetter and don’t care about fitting in with the rest of the crowd. On the contrary: you enjoy being an influencer and standing apart from the rest.

4. The Biter

Quite simple really – these people simply pick up their slice and bite into it. Known as the “careful correctors”, these individuals always swear by a tried-and-tested method. They don’t like messing around and dislike surprises or unexpected results, so they stick to what always works.

We hope we have given you some food for thought to chew on the next time you step into Hugo’s Pizza and Pasta to order your favourite pizza! The team at Hugo’s invites you over to sample some delicious recipes from our menu. Eat anything you like, the way you want to – we won’t judge!

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