Kick Off The Summer With One Of Our Refreshing Salads

With the heat of the Maltese summer soon on its way, everyone on the island is bracing themselves for three or four months of sweltering temperatures and insanely hot weather. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that few other things on the dinner table are as refreshing as a well-seasoned salad. Hugo Chetcuti’s chefs share some of their special concoctions with you before we enter the heart of the hottest season of the year.

Why do we crave salads in summer?

With every turn of the season, our body reacts to external stimuli and responds to the environment around us. The higher the degrees on the thermometer, the more we sweat – which means that we need to replenish any liquids lost. Healthy greens such as cucumbers, lettuce and spinach all contain very high amounts of water (from 90 to 96%) which is why so many of us opt for a cold or chilled plate of vegetables over a hot bowl of thick soup in July or August.

What’s in Hugo Chetcuti’s salads?

Only the best, of course. Our team at Hugo’s Pizza and Pasta have assembled not only the most nutritious but also the tastiest ingredients in our kitchen to bring you some of their most flavoursome and invigorating recipes.

The Veggie

Meat-free and utterly delicious, this salad packs a punch that’s fuelled solely by plant power. Walnuts, carrots, shallots and asparagus provide a crunchiness that pairs well with the softer textures of cherry tomatoes and baby spinach. Everything is topped off by the summery flavour of honey dressing. Wholesome, hearty, and Hugo approved!

Chicken Caesar

Contrary to popular belief, the name of this popular salad does not come from the famous Roman emperor, but from an Italian chef who emigrated to the USA after World War I. Caesar Cardini was said to have put together the salad on the spur of the moment, after an unexpected amount of guests turned up at his restaurant one afternoon; he had only a few remaining ingredients in his kitchen at his disposal.

Hugo’s Chicken Caesar salad is prepared with all the traditional vegetables along with, of course, tender chicken breast strips and the classic Caesar dressing.

Salmon Salad

If you’re more of a seafood fan, we’ve got you covered – our salmon salad is one of the most sublime stars on our menu, with a citrusy zest of lemon and ricotta providing the perfect tang to round off the sweet flavour of the fish.

Salivating over these salad dishes? What are you waiting for? Beat the heat and head over to Hugo’s Pizza and Pasta, owned by Hugo Chetcuti. Finish off your meal with one of our divine desserts – and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more news and updates!

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