Hugo Chetcuti’s Favourite Food Markets Around The World

What’s more exciting than wandering around a bustling food market in a new city, stimulating all your senses with the colourful sights, while catching wafting scents of fresh produce and tasting delicious local cuisine?
Markets are the perfect place to find the freshest vegetables, regional specialities, and all sorts of goods while getting a peak into the cultural and culinary lives of the locals. Hugo Chetcuti has compiled a list of some of the best food markets all you foodies must visit at least once in your lifetime!

1. Cai Rang Floating Market – MeKong Delta, Vietnam

There are markets, and then there are floating markets. This Vietnamese floating market is an extraordinary experience and the perfect way of witnessing the country’s most interesting cultural traditions. There are plenty of tour boats leaving Saigon’s riverbanks so hop on for a 30-minute ride and get ready for an incredible sensory experience. Vendors advertise what they’re selling by hanging their product from the top of a long bamboo pole on the vessel.

2. Jemaa el Fna, Morocco

Jemaa el Fna is as unique as they get. Located next to Marrakech’s historic Medina, this thousand-year-old bustling market is a cultural spectacle, enticing visitors with snake charmers, storytellers, acrobats, musicians and herbalists, which complement its main attraction; food.

3. Egyptian Spice Bazaar, Istanbul

Once the largest spice-trading venue of the medieval world, Istanbul’s famous spice bazaar offers mounds of edible exotics and much more than spices (though those are sold in every blend imaginable.) Make your way to the sweet stalls, selling treats such as Turkish delight or fruit doners. Alternatively, buy the freshest ingredients for a traditional Turkish breakfast; sheep’s cheese, olives and local honey. Either way, no visit to Istanbul is complete without spending a few hours at this colourful, atmospheric market.

3. San Miniato White Truffle Market, Italy

The annual white truffle market, which takes place within a quaint medieval town in Italy, attracts truffle lovers and foodies from all corners of the globe. Other than the distinct white truffles the market is named after, there are local specialities available, namely wine, olive oil, pecorino cheese, honey, hams, pastes and other goods that complement truffle-based products. The atmosphere is further enhanced by marching bands and visitors can enjoy live plays.

4. Borough Market, U.K

Gourmet Goat, the gourmet food section located in Borough market (Britain’s most renowned), consists of more than 100 stalls. Visitors can find anything from artisan foods like handmade pastries and exquisite truffles and chocolates, to microgreens, organic olive products and other handmade condiments.

Markets offer an experience rich in product, history and local flavour, so be sure to head to one of them should you happen to be in the area! While in Malta, we invite you to dine at Hugo’s Pizza & Pasta – one of Hugo Chetcuti’s joints. Taste our flavoursome, tastebud-tickling dishes, all of which are made using fresh ingredients.

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