Go Crazy For Hugo Chetcuti’s Carrot Cake

Who says that Donald Trump has the monopoly on all things orange? Not as long as carrot cake is around! One of the most popular and delicious desserts on any menu, this delectable slice of delight has been satisfying sweet teeth ever since the Middle Ages, when sugar was scarce and difficult to come by. Read on to discover more about this yummy treat, brought to you by Hugo Chetcuti’s team.

Fantastic Flavours and Tantalising Textures

Carrot cake is noted for its signature blend of sweet and spicy, due to the icing on top and the somewhat savoury taste of cinnamon. It is usually denser than most other cakes, with a soft, moist sponge filled with cut carrots and toasted nuts. It’s said that its popularity in Great Britain soared during World War II; rationing made ingredients normally used for cakes almost impossible to get, so people opted for the simple recipe for carrot cake instead.

An Evolution Throughout the Ages

One of the earliest known recipes dates back to Arabian cookery around the 10th century, when skimmed honey, walnut oil and almonds were considered essential ingredients. Later cookbooks written during the early 18th century mention adding lemon juice and baking the entire mixture in a baking tin lined with pastry, thus creating a sort of compromise between cake and pie.

As years went by, chefs began adding raisins, orange juice and chopped dates together with nutmeg, salt and soda. The more complex the recipe became, so did the taste and texture, making it one of the most popular desserts to serve in restaurants and at home.

Cream Cheese: The Icing on the Cake!

There’s no better topping for carrot cake than the classic white frosting made with cream cheese. Loved for its velvety and fluffy texture, this icing proves to be a luscious layer of goodness, the ultimate finishing touch to an already mouth-watering dessert. It also goes well with pumpkin bread and chocolate cake.

We carr-ot wait for you to try our very own spin on this all-time favourite! Come over to Hugo’s Pizza and Pasta in St. Julian’s and try the “Love & Happiness” dessert on our menu. Hugo Chetcuti’s chefs have paired their superb carrot cake recipe with a choice of either vanilla ice-cream or strawberry sorbet – sinful yet sumptuous. And of course, it’s topped with Hugo’s famous cream cheese icing!

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