Delicious Slices Of Pizza Slang

April Ludgate of Parks and Recreation said it best: “Time is money, money is power, power is pizza and pizza is knowledge!” We couldn’t agree more. Pizza is so well loved across the globe that it’s little wonder it’s developed a jargon of its own. Here are a few of the best (and most interesting) ones, compiled by Hugo Chetcuti and team.

Tip Sag

You may not have heard of it in these exact terms, but it’s definitely happened to you many times. We’re referring to that oh-so-dreaded droop of your pizza slice, causing the topping to ooze off the surface onto your plate (or even worse, your new outfit!)

Three Bears-style

This refers to pizza slices cut in different sizes – is yours too big, too small, or juuuuuust right?

Snag ‘n’ drag

A good way to avoid the dreaded tip sag. Snag a slice off the plate, and then drag it across in a horizontal direction to prevent the topping from sliding off the crust.

Cheese Pull

Often happens after biting into a delicious slice – it’s the long, chewy string that connects your mouthful of pizza to the piece in your hand. Classy!

Leopard Spotting

You know those dark spots that bubble up on the rim of the crust? Yep. These are nicknamed leopard spots, and they’re usually caused by strong heat emanating from blazing hot ovens. They’re not necessarily a bad thing – in fact, as long as they don’t taste too bitter or acrid, they are a desirable trait with many professional pizzaiolos.


“Waiter, there’s a hair on my pizza!” A placer is that annoying customer who will purposely place an alien object on his meal, in the hopes of getting a discount or a free dish. Hugo Chetcuti’s chefs beg you not to get any ideas…

Blood Pie

Also referred to as a haemorrhage, a blood pie is a pizza with an extra layer of sauce.

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