5 Tips On Perfecting Your Homemade Pizza

Whether you’re cooking up a storm for an evening BBQ or are craving some delicious doughy goodness for dinner, you can simply never go wrong with pizza! It’s the perfect food for any season throughout the year, and with all the different toppings and ingredients available, it’s incredibly versatile. Follow the tips below, compiled by our expert chefs, and create the pizza of your dreams!

To dough or not to dough

The answer is – to dough! Taking matters into your own hands when it comes to your pizza base can make all the difference. To make the perfect homemade dough, all you need is extra virgin olive oil, yeast, flour and water at a temperature of about 36-38 degrees Celsius. For crispy crust and to help activate the yeast, include just a couple of tablespoons of sugar.

Don’t use too many toppings

From candied walnuts to the enormous selection of cheeses that’s out there, it’s so easy to go overboard in an effort to include all your favourite ingredients. However, overloading your pizza can result in a sloppy crust and ruin the texture of the dough that you spent so much time making! Simplicity is key, and a few well-chosen ingredients that go well together are enough.

Make sure to pre-cook certain ingredients

There are plenty of raw toppings that can be sprinkled on the pizza after being chopped and seasoned; however, if you’re planning on serving meat like chicken, sausage or bacon, make sure that they have been cooked thoroughly beforehand. As much as we love pizza, it’s just not worth spending the next few days bent over the toilet…

Feeling hot, hot, hot

One of the most common pizza-making mistakes is setting the oven at a temperature that is too low. This can result in a soggy, limp crust and ruins the toppings completely. The hotter the oven is, the better the quality of the dough – high temperatures are key to providing a contrast between a soft, spongy interior and a crunchy, crispy exterior.

Bonus tip: Pair your pizza with the right drinks

You can’t serve a perfect meal without a beverage to match! You can never go wrong with an ice-cold glass of beer or cider, especially in summer.

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